Indian Start-ups Funding and Investment Covering 2016-2017

Date: 10-06-2017

Based on the data from ‘‘, the Indian Startup and Investment funding is shared mostly among the cities, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai. Among the cities, Bangalore with 72, Delhi with 42, and Mumbai with 58 lead in the number of funded start-ups.

The industry-wise distribution shows ‘Consumer Internet’ with 128 start-ups in the lead over, ‘E-commerce’ with 42 start-ups and ‘Technology’ with 50 start-ups.

Here is the ‘R’ script which shows data extraction and plotting:

#Read Startup Funcing data into a data frame
#I created the 'Indian_Startups_Funding.xlsx' file from data available at
DF <- read.xlsx("C:/Users/Manju/Documents/RScripts/Datasets/Indian_Startups_Funding.xlsx", 1)
#Select only relevant columns to understand the funding across cities and industries
filtrd_data <- DF[,c(2,4,6,8,9)] #selects only columns 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9
#List out the column names
#We have Date, Industry, City, InvestmentType, Amount
# Now plot the filtered data fram to understand the funding across cities and industries

ggplot(filtrd_data, aes(City, fill = Industry) ) +
geom_bar(position = "stack")