Leading Jockeys of Hong Kong Horse Racing Based on HKJC Data

Date: 23-05-2017

Google Sheets is one of the sharpest tools in the hands of a data science professional. For those of you interested in betting on horse racing, Hong Kong is one the leading cities in horse racing. Using the data available of Hong Kong Jockey Club HKJC website, we can use Google Sheets to pull in the data. Google Sheets make very easy to study and graph the data. Just open Google Sheets and enter ‘http://racing.hkjc.com/racing/info/Jockey/Ranking/english’ in cell A1. Now load the same page separately in a browser and you will notice that Table 3 has the necessary data. Now in the same Google Sheet, in cell B1, enter ‘=IMPORTHTML(A1,”table”,3)’ and you will see the data being quickly populated by Google. Process it any way you like and enjoy! If you are interested in studying more stats related to horse racing and betting, please look up the HKJC website


HKJC Jockeys Data Using Google Sheets

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