Data Analytics Training with Job-Orientation Skills


Data Analytics is an exciting field where there is maximum scope for jobs. Toward this many aspiring students want to get into this field but may find the training courses (Python & R skills) too dry and hence lose their appetite for the training itself. This short paper discusses some ways of mitigating it.


Data Analytics demands a certain amount self-study and a dedication grade my college essay to the subject by students. Due to its vastness and boasting a myriad number of tools and packages, Data Analytics can be quite daunting to the beginner. Students will struggle to find their bearings in their study of Data Analytics.

But there is a way to solve this issue. Our experienced instructors have tweaked the training syllabus to make the classes more interesting. Making the training interesting is linked with the psychology of today’s students. That is, there are no short cuts to master the skills required in data analytics. Therefore, our trainers will focus on solving real-world problems almost from the beginning of the training. These methods include but not limited to:

  1. Comprehending the vastness of Data Analytics
  2. Derive some insights just by looking at the data
  3. Develop an understanding of various data sources (Stock Exchange, Weather Reports and others)
  4. Use the right tool for the data analytics work (Python or R or even Excel)
  5. Solve a real-world example in the training class every Friday
  6. Give the right training based on Industry requirements (FinTech, IT services, Manufacturing, Logistics and so on)

Once we take theabove approach the students will lose some ‘performance anxiety’ with respect to getting a job. Instead, they will feel a sense of empowerment to tackle data analytics problems. They will also essay editer be mature enough (toward the end of the course) to know and understand the tools and packages they need to be using at work. It is our firm belief that a well-trained student is more than likely to land a job.


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